2 x warm

fingerless mittens

Just finished.

My very first fingerless mittens, pattern adapted from this book. Knitted from my handspun – it makes them extra warm ^_^.

mittens b1

Most of the fibre is Jacobs with linen added, the brown is BFL tops and white is just washed BFL. Plied with commercial silk/cashmere yarn for machine knitting (2/48).

 Colorwise the left doesn’t match the right one, but you know that I don’ mind :).

mittens b2


9 thoughts on “2 x warm

  1. So cool!!
    I love fingerless gloves. I have two pair that I wear all winter long…… one is a pair that a girl knit me out of some of my angora hand spun yarn, they are so nice and warm!
    Thinking on her (the young girl) brings back nice memories. I had sold some yarn on etsy, and when I saw the address I realized that the person lived just three houses away from me! So I walked the yarn over and hand delivered it. She was a young mother who had bought the yarn to make her Mom a Christmas present. She wasn’t very wealthy…. and I was so taken with her that I left a present on her door (a couple more skeins of hand spun yarn) so that she could make some mittens for herself and her toddler.
    One night a couple of weeks later there is a knock on my door….. and she handed me a pair of fingerless gloves that she had knit out of some of the yarn! I almost cried….. it was such an unexpected sweet gesture. I treasure that pair of gloves!!
    AND come to think of it! The angora fiber I used in the yarn I bought from YOU! Wow! 😀

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