weaving wishlists

It’s that time of year again. Wishlists written, handed in, fullfiling wishes to some degree…

dear santa

look at the attention to detail of our older one – wishes prioritized :), just what that last line says?

wish list b

on both lists – ‘surprises’ written;  this woven scarf is going to be one of them. matching my ‘wish to make list’ with theirs…

woven scarf

I wish you a peaceful weekend.


12 thoughts on “weaving wishlists

  1. The scarf is BEAUTIFUL!! What lovely colors!
    My kids are finally making wish lists too……. too late 😦 I’ve already bought them presents from my own thoughts. Ah well. Two have birthdays not too long after Christmas, so I’ll use their lists then!
    Hugs to you Monika!!

  2. I am truly in love with your scarf, you mail to Australia? It may be 40 degree searing heat but I would love to own such a beautiful artistic piece just to touch!!!

  3. Burstingly want. And I burstingly want a scarf as beautiful as that, so fabulous 🙂
    Sal x (scooted over from Flickr)

  4. Monika, so nice to see you the other day – and thank you so much for your kind help – I appreciated it so much. Your weaving is lovely! I bought a loom a while ago, but truth be told haven’t had the time to get it set up, so you’ve inspired me! Hilary

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