shop talk

Two of my friends have re-opened their shops recently.

Julie from JSchubertdesigns is a weaver, spinner and a dyer and she felts and sews too. I own several of her woven scarves and even though I make felt ones I must admit I love to wear hers probably even more. And because she is one of the most generous persons I have met I also own some of her eco printed scarves and fabrics.

Julie’s handwoven shawl, some of the yarn is handspun and all dyed with natural dyes.

Marian from Florcita is a dyer, felter, spinner, weaver and a ceramist. You might remember, we did together a ‘Botanical Alchemy’ project couple of years ago, dyeing with the same plant at the same time and see what results we come up. I love, love her ceramics and get excited each time she posts pictures of new items she has made. To me they seem just perfect, all is just right – the color, the shape, the various textures she achieves with glazes and non glazed surfaces. She is a mum to two very young children so manages to fill the shop just slowly, but there are already some very chic pieces listed.

Reflection – ceramic plate in black and silver

Marian’s Black and white large stoneware bowl


4 thoughts on “shop talk

  1. You are so sweet to send a ‘shout out’ on the re-opening of our shops!
    Now I feel like I should get busy and fill mine! 😉
    My ‘old’ model will be in town on Thanksgiving…. so maybe I’ll be able to get some lively shots. I always told her that it was her personality that made my sales!

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