or ‘a little from every corner’ as we say

such is my recent shop update

I have started working on a tutorial – working with raw fleece. The sample piece is finished, but it will take a while to edit so many pictures and explain the process in writing. The wall piece is now available in my shop. It’s base/back is 13 x 13 inch but appears bigger because of the fibres hanging over the edges.

I also have few more naturally dyed and printed scarves, the one already listed is done with cotinus leaves and buddleja flowers.

And the last one is really from a different ‘corner’. I was asked to recreate one of the Kandinsky brooches I made few years back. It took three attempts to get it right – I am not very good at copying – even my own work ^_^. The two remaining are now looking for a new home, the first one is more red

the second is more orange. Both around 8 x 8 cm or 3 x 3 inch, handmade from pure wool with a brooch bar on the back.


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