weather dependent occupation

I am feeling a little impatient. The curtain of clouds and rain behind the windows don’t allow for taking proper photos and this with the lowering temperatures mean that our autumn might be quickly over; with the first frost leaves will be soon gone. It’s time to harvest and preserve – ‘raw’ material as well as ‘on cloth’ – or paper.

I have been inspired  by other natural dyers on the web; this is my bundle of watercolor paper with leaves and flowers from our garden and around, holding on tight to a trusty rusty iron.


6 thoughts on “weather dependent occupation

  1. Oh yes, so many leaves – so little time. I haven’t done much preserving, but perhaps it could be fun saving some leaves in the freezer in case winter is going to be endless.
    I was thinking about ‘your’ euca – if you could get hands on some seeds – would you be interested in some sort of swap? 🙂

    • Mona, leaves go ‘mashy’ in the freezer, but I will press some and maybe dye less and felt/sew/spin…more. Hmm, I have no idea how to propagate euca tree, but if you know what you would need I would be happy to send to you. Here eucas can be bought in nurseries as little shrubs or youg trees.

      • Yes, things takes time, I want to do all the things you mention, but time seems to be flowing away in an impossible speed sometimes. We don’t have euca here, which seems strange since you have them. I’ve read that they very easily germinate and grow fast. I googled euca seed pods, they seem to be easily identifiable by the look of it. If you happen to see some, and bother to mail them, I’d be happy. If not, that is just perfectly fine and understandable. Hope I’m not being tactless asking, you just came to my mind when thinking euca 🙂 – I you’d like to swap, maybe you’d be interested in asilk scarf dyed with my japanese indigo?

  2. What a lovely bundle!
    You take such beautiful photographs Monika!!
    I store leaves in the freezer! I save plastic ‘clam shells’ that salad blends come in and repurpose them as leaf containers! I have some leaves from last year that are still making wonderful prints!
    I bought some watercolor paper while I was in Portland…. will try my hand at printing on it (the only other paper I have done so far were some tea bags last Spring, they turned out wonderfully!)

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