felt sewing

Sometimes it seems to me that I produce more samples than finished pieces. Curiosity is the main drive behind my creativity, so that’s probably why so many samples, I love to know.

I was going to give some purpuse to this heap of silks I have dyed over the past year. At first I thought of felting into them, but then swapped for – piecing by machine sewing. Few more stitches and they will be ready for photo taking.


3 thoughts on “felt sewing

  1. Yes, I also have a stash of amazing samples, im not sure what to do with mine yet, but it certainly doesnt stop me creating more and more…

  2. Curiosity is one of the best thing, “in my book” … that’s what keeps people doing things with joy & passion ! Besides, I would love to be able to touch all of these scrumptious samples !! SO beautiful !

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