fabric bundles

Here are more detailed pictures of the fabrics I dyed &  printed over the summer. I have used what is around – plenty of wild raspberry and blackberry leaves, strawberry leaves from our garden, windfall eucalyptus I pick up when walking home with the younger daughter from school and various rose leaves. The colors are not bright but I find them pleasing and easy to use. All fabrics have been rinsed couple of times and are ready to be used. They are now available at my red2white etsy shop.
The fabrics are from natural fibres: cottons, linen and blend of the two. I used limited variety of leaves, but with each batch altered conditions slightly ‘ cause of that neverending ‘what if…’ As the pile grew  I thought I would make things from them, but curiosity keeps me busy dyeing; you know how it is, one idea leads to another and there is only so much I can do  before winter comes and the leaves disappear. I will keep bundling then while some of you might like to use these in your projects. And if not then I might craft something from them in the  spring time.

bundle # 1

linen & cotton



bundle # 2

linen & cotton



bundle # 3/large single piece

four way stretch cotton jersey fabric


6 thoughts on “fabric bundles

  1. Oh my, those are gorgeous. You should sell a tutorial on how to do this on etsy. I’d love to know how to do this and would definetly buy it.

  2. These are beautiful Monika, I havent had any energy these last few weeks to any bundle dyeing myself, so its a real delight to look at your images. Thank you.

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