When we were in Slovakia I was on the lookout for plants suitable for natural dyeing and printing. Never before I had noticed masses of goldenrod and tansies in the wasteland, along roads and railways. I had too little time to use them for dyeing, but I know of one place here where both grow every summer. I picked some the other day and made a bouquet with few branches from buddleia bush in the garden. It will brighten up our kitchen corner – until it’s too wilted and ready for a dye pot.




9 thoughts on “goldenrod

    • Julie, I dyed a little early in July, when there were only green buds, no flowers, the yellow was quite acid :), I expect warm yellow from fully open flowers, need to hurry to make felt piece before the are gone.

      • Acid yellow….. could be quite dramatic!
        Now you should get that nice warm yellow, just like you are expecting! If not… you could always over dye it with a bit of walnut.
        I’m waiting for the snakeweed to bloom here….. the yellows from that are wonderful!!
        Happy felting! And dyeing!!

  1. How nice ! Since I’ve started dyeing naturally, I’ve been looking at nature a whole new way. For instance, I can spot wild fennel (on side ways) from a big distance ! (and sigh at the tremendous quantity of fibers it could dye !!! ahah)
    Looking forward to your dyeings !

  2. I’ve been on a yellow kick these past few days. I tried goldenrod for the first time yesterday and yowza! a great golden yellow. I’ve also coaxed shades of yellow from purple asters, smartweed, yarrow, dried tansy greens, and absinthe. I have a yellow flower in the dye pot now that I’m assuming will give yellow but am hoping that it totally surprises me by being red or something.

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