apron dress

made from this silk stripes


more of the detailed photos starting from here


9 thoughts on “apron dress

  1. Beautiful piece, and such a smart way to use bits and bobs. I have some strips I was thinking of turning into scarves but am worrying about the hemming so I thought I ought to make something out of them instead. And I loved the pictures of the raspberry leaves on cotton you put up on Flickr! What great results. May I ask about how long you let them stay in the fabric? So far I have not been able to get such solid results, maybe I don’t leave them long enough 🙂

  2. Do you recommend a certain pattern for this, and would you be willing to share that info? I’m accumulating special pieces in ecoprint and natural dye and this would suit my body type 🙂

    • Arlee, I have adapted a pattern No 110 from Burda Style magazine issue 5, year 2011. I don’t buy individual patterns, but used to buy the monthly magazine instead – better value for the money.

  3. Hello 😀 I’m new to your blog and loving it. I’m an ex fiber artist who used to do a lot of natural dyeing, got sidetracked into knitting, but who is finding her way back to fabric. Can I ask what the particular silk fabric you’ve dyed here is please, the dress looks to have the most wonderful drape 😀

    • Yes, sure! It is 100 % silk which is used for bridalwear. Unfortunatelly, I don’t know much more about it as I was given few meters of this fabric and the lady herself got it from someone else. It’s a densly woven, I would say medium weight silk, with a medium sheen. It’s not a duppioni type as there are no slubs, it’s smooth on the surface. Hope this helps a bit.

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