silk top

This week I have been transforming yet another pile of naturally dyed & printed silk samples. I have been thinking of number of transormation the cloth has gone trough and if this is the last one… who knows.

the front

the back

 and some details


14 thoughts on “silk top

  1. I love your attention to detail! I would’ve just cut the shirt out of one piece….. and not thought about putting the other strips on the top and bottom! But by doing that you have created a masterpiece!
    It’s wonderful!!

    • thank you Julie, but it was a necessity. The middle panel was what I had and it would have been too short to use as is. So I had to extend to make the top longer. I have made it so that it can be worn both as the first and a second layer. What took a while was to put the pieces together so that the pattern and the colors would kind of work.

      I was delighted to see how fast the color is. I couldn’t remember whether I rinsed the fabric after printing or not, probably not. So I washed it after sewing and the water was clear.

      • They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’!
        But still you need the credit…… it was your eyes and creativity that bonded all of those beautiful fabrics together! And the outcome was phenomenal !

  2. Absolutely beautiful, love all the variety of colours that you have captured with your bundle dyeing. Did you feel a little nervous washing it? I would have done, its great to see that the beautiful natural dyes have held their own.

    • thank you, Therese, I wasn’t worried much about the color loss, I think because i know from experience that ucalyptus and oak leaves in combination with iron are fast, but I was delighted to see the water clear, that I didn’t expect.

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