Today I decided to open my 2 days old bundle and remove/cover the rusty pipe. Such rust in combination with tannins in the leaves could leave black patches, darker and bigger than I would like. Plus I had a good excuse to peek into the bundle ^_^. This is what it looks like now, I am so excited! But I am going to wait – and no more peeking, just keeping it nice and hot. I want to open it with my parents, when they are with us in 4 weeks time.



At the end, I decided to cover the rusty metal with two layers of cotton muslin, some presoaked euca leaves tucked in and rolled it up from the other end. The iron, once it gets hot, keeps the bundle warm from inside while it sits in the pot covered with a lid on the hob. Sorry, no solar dyeing here, the sun is nowhere to be seen and it’s hardly 15 C.

I have also started dyeing with the lichen with mixed results, it’s a tricky one. I will show you next time.



12 thoughts on “excitement

  1. Those prints are incredible. What a brilliant idea to infuse the eucalyptus. I love learning from others who have the courage and creativity to say “hmmm…what next?” Thanks for sharing your results. It will be so exciting to see the end result!

  2. wow!! your artistic alchemy truly amazes me!! what can’t you do???
    thanks for the e-sunshine – we need it, it’s soooo grey and drizzly here *sigh*
    have a happy wednesday 🙂

  3. These prints are already looking amazing, its so difficult not to peek isnt it, so pleased you did and shared your peeking! Cant wait to see the end results

    • thank you, Terrie, the leaves were in tannin iron bucket for months, I still haven’t washed the piece so will see how much is left after the wash. Greetings from UK 🙂

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