and there is more natural dyeing going on here

1. soaking euca leaves 2. struggling indigo seedlings 2. straining onion skin dyebath 4. ice-flower dyeing with red cabbage 5. acer waiting to be planted, will maks nice prints when bigger and stronger 6. yellow dye drop

and it would be much  more enjoyable hadn’t it rained so often



9 thoughts on “rain.drops

    • thank you, Shelley, the important thing is how much color remains after we ‘make’ it :). The cabagge scarf turned great, now just to test the lightfastness = more waiting 🙂

    • Thank you, Inger. I am not sure about the patience though, I start too many things and then it takes me ages to finish them, cause in the meantime my mind and heart is on sth else..

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