I have been absent from here as our PC  went completely dead last week. We thought we were buying quality when buying an Apple mini mac less than 2 yrs ago. The keyboard was broken when we brought it home. The DVD drive broke within one year, even though we hardly used it and the whole mini box gave up now. Bye, bye Apple, never again.

I lost some of my photo files, but the most important ones I uploaded on the internet before this happened. I have been net:working again. I like to go back to my technique and see if there is any potential for improvement. The scarves might look all the same, yet they are different, especially in their weight & how loose/dense the structure is. I have always been very attracted to structure and distressed surfaces and like to explore what is possible to create in this area with fibre: I like lines and holes and positive/negative space and sometimes, as I am making the scarves/cowls wonder if it means something or tells something about myself.

The following scarves/cowls are made of beautifully soft, naturally colored merino blended with silk with addition of virgin wool, silk, kid mohair or small amount of acrylic yarn; various yarns give various effects. I guess scarves are more popular than cowls, but I personally love wearing cowls, I find them more snuggly and they don’t ‘dangle’ when I bent or fly all around me in wild winds, so common here in Scotland. It might be strange for some of you to see me making woolly scarves in the middle of May, but the winter isn’t really gone, with temp rarely above 10 degrees, strong northenly winds and plenty of rain there  has never been a better time for a good woollen scarf. And since the summer is busy and I usually don’t have time/space to work with fibre much, I am preparing ahead for the autumn, to have few new things in the shop.

Talking about networking and connecting – from now on I will be posting all my fibre related posts/information on my Facebook page red2white only. I rarely post about personal stuff and I just wish to simplify things, there is no hidden agenda behind this. Thank you very much to all of you who have already liked it.


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