Isle of Harris

We are just back from our short trip to the Isle of Lewis and Isle of Harris. This two islands, situated to the west of Scotland and part of the Outer Hebridies, are in fact one, Harris to the south and much smaller, Lewis in the north and bigger. I would like to share few pictures with you, today from the two stunning beaches on the west coast of Harris. Unfortunatelly, just as we arrived to the first beach my camera went dead so all photos are taken by my husband’s mobile. And although we drove round the island  these are also the only pictures we took. The road on the east is so so narrow, winding among huge rocks, going  up and down that it took all the attention not to end up in some rocky ditch. I soon became very car sick and spent half the journey with my eyes closed, yet from the few glimpses I can say this island is beyond beautiful. The whole of the Scottish Highlands is beautiful, the West Coast is stunning as is the Isle of Lewis but the Isle of Harris is just breathtaking.

The weather and the sky changes constantly and with it the scenery and the mood too; it’s like watching a film, no two minutes are the same.

Luskentyre beach on the west coast of the Isle of Harris

pattern by shifting sands

the sun came out – Scarista beach

In the next post I will tell you more about Harris Tweed, the cloth which made these islands famous.


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