no 1

I have finished the first piece for metrode shop. It’s all in natural white and silver grey, 14 x 13 inch base, hanging fibres make it appear larger. I lay fibres raw, unwashed and it is always a joy to see them after a good bath & dry.

Today, I have been working on the grey one, with en extra bonus – outside, in a full sun, calm, no wind to wrestle with. On days like this I get especially grateful for having the opportunity to do what I do.



3 thoughts on “no 1

  1. Just beautiful, Monika!
    I spent the day on a new Icelandic fleece and pre-felt bag for myself (a new resist shape and technique), but indoors! It’s pretty cold and windy here today!! XXO–

  2. Loving it. The grey/silver long aned curly fleece are just lovely. It’s good to do outdoor felting under a full sun and mild weather. Enjoy the good time.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

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