gotland curls

There is a new fibre available at my Soft Fibre shop

grey gotland curly fleece fibre


It’s from Gotland sheep, sourced from England. The ewes are shorn in late December and then housed before lambing in early March. This ensures the shorn fleece is of top quality and has not suffered a break in the staple when the ewes are heavily pregnant and also is free from hay and straw contamination plus winter mud.

After merino I find Gotland the fastest felting fibre; sometimes too fast not to loose lovely curly texture. It comes in array of greys, from silver to mid grey and when unstretched is around 5 inch long (7 inch when stretched).


2 thoughts on “gotland curls

  1. SOLD!!! Monika, I bought some of this wonderful Gotland curl to fashion my main character’s (the Half Goat Woman) wig! She has aged as it’s taken me so long to make her and therefore her hair is now showing grey!

    I love buying your fibres!

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