wool felt cushion

I didn’t know what I was in for when I was laying the grid pattern. Spun, twisted, overtwisted, plied and moreover overlaping yarn to felt on merino prefelt? It took a lot of very gentle massaging to persuade all fibres to attach to each other.  Eventually they did and although I thought of a needle and a thread to come to a rescue, I didn’t need to use them, all holds together just by felting.

wool cushion

This cushion is bigger than the previous one and I was tempted to make it into a square shape, but then decided not to. Not only I find it hard to cut into felt, but also it is rather narrow and the finished square would be small. So, here it is,  57 x 35 cm or 22.5 x 14 inch. Again, the front is felted, the back very pretty handwoven cotton fabric and the instert (again handmade) filled with poly-filling.

wool felt cushion

I feel I will go back to white now. It’s interesting how I usually end up with a pattern  when I plan the least.


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