I have decided not to finish the cushion completely this time. At the moment the front panel is ready and I might finish it as a cover and make the instert only if somenone buys it as it’s much easier to store as it is. I still want to make more cushions and they take up too much space when fully finished. This and one more cushion are now available in my shop with free shipping worldwide throught March. You might recognice this yarn I spun few days ago. I still very much enjoy working with limited amount of color, it feels comfortable and I will stay in this zone for a while. 


handspun handfelted cushion


I have been dyeing/printing too this week,  felting hard some merino/finn wool from which hopefully a bag will be born and spinning this yarn in between. And it hasn’t felt good. From now on my plan is to try to work on max two pieces at a time; it’s nice to see things finished and take time to photograph and record the progress rather then constantly hop-skip-jump between projects.


2 ply, thicker yarn is mainly from Jacob fleece + some superwash merino and BFL, thin yarn is BFL only


2 thoughts on “finished&finishing

  1. Love the color and textures , especially the yarn on the bottom mixed with thin and thick. Black, white and brown are so nature.

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