double joy

I have enjoyed the process of spinning but didn’t know what to do with the yarn. I am a slow knitter, if at all and hardly crochet. But now I have found the way to use my own yarn, and on top of that I can use all that itchy-scratchy wool I have gathered out of curiosity –  it’s not going to go into anything wearable.

I have just finished these two cushions and I am pleased; it’s been a long time since I could say so.

handmade wool felt cushion

felt wool cushion

natural fibre wool cushionone left, free shipping till the end of March 2012, available here


10 thoughts on “double joy

  1. I love the cushions, I have made felt cushions and find the only problem with them is that they tend to ‘pil’ a bit like wool sweaters with use.
    Dorothy Dinsmore

  2. Wonderfully chic! Normally fiber art looks to me to be completely, um, sort of…hand made for no purpose? But what you’ve done here with the lush tonal colorations and contextual textures makes it sophisticated and very much high style.

    Well done!

  3. Wow! I love these! What a great concept! (Am I allowed to use three exclamation points in the same comment, I wonder?)

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