looking around

What inspires you to create?

 For me it is often (my own) work. At the beginning I was an obsessive felter. I had many ideas and wanted to materialize them all. Often I would be  overwhelmed and frustrated by the disproportion between what I wanted and what I could – time&energy wise make. It has changed since. I still have ideas but the urge to turn them into felt is (much) smaller. In a way it’s healthier but I procrastinate more. I find the best way to break it is to start making – something, anything. To be in contact with the material and process again.

And then, when it is finished and lying around, drying, waiting to be photographed or stored, new ideas come – so does the inner need to create, almost the obsessive one…

This is around me now. I like the colors of the two scarves together. And their fringe makes me want to make some dreads scarves.

Silk scarves naturally dyed, ready to be listed. I read one of  my favorite colors, yellow is going to be very in this  season. Here on silk ponge, but I am thinking raw wool too… and what if raw wool and the soft sherbet pink?

Simple yet very wearable colors of naturally dyed silk scarves. Dyed in the autumn, now washed and ironed and ready to go.

 Printing with leaves will have to wait until it gets warmer. This is cotinus and eucalyptus on silk, again, from autumn.

And  a handspun yarn from British wools from my lovely friend. It’s too good to be worn, it should become an object…


2 thoughts on “looking around

  1. it was very intersting reading your last post, sometimes I take time and think things through then other times I rush in and get carried away with felting, i havent worked out yet which provides better results but both are fun!!

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