new fibres

in my Softfibre shop

Unwashed, naturally white baby alpaca. It comes in two grades, the first – the best fibre from saddle  (on the left) and the seconds from neck and legs (shorter fibre on the right). It’s very soft and as light as a cloud. Recently I saw a handspun yarn from baby alpaca in the local shop. Before I only worked with adult alpaca and was very surprised how different the fibre from a baby animal is. It feels like the softest merino. From what I have read it’s not the easiest fibre to spin, but it can be made easier, both for spinning and felting if it is blended with eg. wool.

Washed  Bluefaced Leicester crossed, I think with Scottish Blackface. The colors are just beautiful, ranging from oatmeal through light grey and brown to charcoal. It could be spun or added as an embellishment to a felt base for some interesting textures.


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