I have been felting throws. It’s hard work, rather dirty and mostly on my knees, but rewarding. This is the first one

and the detail of the second one, still drying. Both are made of variety of British fleeces, except a small amount of Drente Heath which is a wool from a Dutch sheep breed.


12 thoughts on “throws

  1. I’m with Jean, it’s beautiful.
    I have been threating to make one of these since I saw Heather W make one. I am still puzzled about how the fibre does get messy, knotty or felt into the base of the rug! What fibres did you use? One day I am going to do this…I have envy! Hee hee

  2. would like to curl up on that rug and feel the softness of the wool..and go back to my Drente roots.

    Actually there is an herd of Drente sheep on the heath near my native village..would be too great a coincidence if one of them donated his or her curly locks, wouldn’t it?

  3. Oh Monika–
    I think you know how very much I LOVE these…and this mixed-length,
    mixed fleece throw is especially enchanting!
    I always love the subtle color gradations in your work…so elegant!
    (Worth all of your hard work, to be sure!!) XXO-

  4. Thank you very much again for all your lovely comments!!

    Michelle, it is Gotland, Scottish Blackface, Cotswold crossed with some other breed, possibly Wensleydale, Drente Heath, Teeswater.

    Lucie, It would be worth asking 🙂

    Jean, Caitlin, Heather, thank you!

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