winter table decoration

one glass bowl from a thrift shop

white or blue tack + candle

sand, I used  bird’s sand from a pet store

white stones from the beach + found pinecones

I like the color combination, for a change, with no green or red. Natural whites and browns are so beautiful.

The only drawback is that to replace a candle I need to empty the bowl each time the candle burns down; I think I will use three instead, burning one at a time.


6 thoughts on “winter table decoration

  1. How lovely it is! Could you find a metal bottle lid or similar to put your candle into? Then you might manage to replace the candle without needing to totally remake your arrangement? Maybe push a longish drawing pin through to the inside before affixing it to the bowl, to spike the candle? Don’t know if it would work but it might…

    • Sue, thank you, that is a good suggestion, especially the spike. I just need to prevent the sand to fill the space for the candle, it could “stand” on the spike/nail without the spike being seen. Will try.

      Have a good week!


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