paper boxes

… so “tomorrow” I was making presents and paper boxes for some of them. I usually use thicker magazine paper, maps and callendars but I run out of the stock so decided to recycle a roll of a wallpaper. It’s plain white with a nice texture and was easy to work with. It is easy to fold yet the folds are not very visible once the box is finished. Besides, the roll width enables to make a box up to cca 20 cm wide!

You can find instructions on making paper boxes here.


5 thoughts on “paper boxes

  1. Nice one! The wallpaper boxes look really smart. I think you have found a great way to use those odd rolls that you sometimes find in the charity shops! Well done.

  2. thank you very much 🙂

    I am very pleased with the wallpaper for the boxes. Before I had thought of using a lining paper roll and decorate it somehow, but that hasn’t worked. The paper kept rolling in and creases were very visible. Because the wallpaper is somehow coated it has got almost a fabric finish, doesn’t curl up and creates a nice sturdy box. I hadn’t worked with a wallpaper before so I can’t say if all types would be as neat as this one, mine is just a cheap roll for £ 5 from B&Q sale.

    Good luck!

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