before the snow comes

some of the last bundles made of cotinus leaves. The color is rich, on many of them has turned from plum purple to red. This time I haven’t used alum as I had done previously, I am just using some metals bundled in to fix the color as friends suggested on Facebook. On the first picture there is a second attempt, the fabric has been already printed with maple leaves but with no interesting pattern so it will go into a bath again.

Here is a fine chiffon scarf bundled and sitting on already cotinus dyed heavier-weight silk. This is what the scarf looked like when it came from the pot. I wasn’t sure if I like it or not and decided to experiment more. I soaked it in a hot acid bath (vinegar) – nothing much happened. Then it went into alkaline bath and the color considerably changed to greyish light plum. And since I had my washer set on delicate wash I washed it full wool cycle along with other stuff. The color or pattern haven’t changed at all. But then, alas, there was a pot with some elderberries brewing on a stove … so in it went. And here the “green magic” ends –

 I don’t have a  picture of  the result yet, but now I think the fabric looked nicer before. It is not bursting with color, but the abstract and irregular patter together with a subtle color would make a nice arty scarf.


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