i am feeling lucky

I went to collect oak leaves for natural printing and found oak marble galls – this is the first time I have seen them growing on a tree, they are rich in tannins, good for natural dyeing and besides so decorative!  And while charity shopping for small metal objects made of brass, tin or zink – to use as mordants in natural dyeing/printing I found this small bowl – hand carved in Italy from alabaster. There was another, brown one, both slightly chipped but I still treasure them. I love having handmade objects in our house, I feel there is much more life in them than in mass produced.

ps: I am feeling very crafty – I alwasy do before Christmas. Handmade and Christmas is for me as two sides of one coin, I would like to make many presents this year. Will you? What will you make?


2 thoughts on “i am feeling lucky

  1. I had never seen oak galls either! There are many oak trees around here, but I have never spotted one.
    It was my intention to make the presents but… errrm cant get off my bum! 🙂 so Im buying handmade 🙂

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