merry go round

It’s the last day of a moth, time to ‘jump on the merry go round’ with a group of crafts women from around the world to answers the same question from their own perspective.

This month’s question is “‘Do you do fairs/shows? If so, share some hints and your experience. If not – why not.”

I fall into the group of those who haven’t done fairs yet and I have no plans for the near future either. I feel I am busy enough.  I don’t want to be away during weekends when fairs are usually on. I don’t usually have enough stock and I wouldn’t have time to cope with(potentionally)  bigger orders afterwards. I believe there is time for all things and this is just not the right time for me to participate.

But others from the mery-go-round have taken part and have posted about their experience along with many usefull tips. Please, check their posts too if this topic is of an interest to you, the links to their blogs are  in the  right sidebar.


5 thoughts on “merry go round

  1. I definately understand, Monika. I don’t think I’ll be doing many fairs in future either. It’s such a hassle and indeed, it does bring even more work in the end… Happy weekend to you! XO Mitsy

  2. I also recognise you… I felt the saem after the last 2 fairs were soooo disappointing in sales… not even an order afterwards, but, I just like to talk with strangers …and sometimes that leads me to somewhere else too 🙂

    Have good weekend!!

  3. Yeah, Kim likes to talk alright! LOL
    I think although I did enjoy the few fairs I did, the whole thing stressed the living H… out of me AND my family. If Im going to do something, I want it to be done right…so I stress. I do think that fairs are interesting experiences for the instant feedaback you get from people. Good and bad…

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