from coat to coat



For this jacket I have used curly Gotland in combination with natural grey merino tops and natural white cotton gauze. Naturally colored Gotland locks are in various shades of  silver grey and beigy, almost cream with honey tips here and there; such a beautiful fibre. Grey merino pushed the overal hue more towards dove grey.

The shape, the size, the belt and the neckline was made to measure & specifications of a lovely lady. The jacket is to be worn in winter so it is thicker than the previous charcoal grey one I have made. Therefore we decided to go for fitted sleeves rather than kimono style. They were attached to the front&back part at the prefelt stage to avoid additional bulk under the arms. For extra stability I have used iron-on stabilizer on shoulders and at elbows. The sleeves, the back and small part at the front of the jacket is also lined with hand dyed silk to make it more windproof and easier to put on.


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