It’s the last day of a moth, time to ‘jump on the merry go round’ with a group of crafts women from around the world to answers the same question from their own perspective.

This month’s topic is “a simple tutorial on anything – craft related or not”. Mine will be very simple – or I should call it just a tip.

Here is what you might need. Lemon or lime – as many as you like, ice-cube tray, knife and a cutting board and a juice squeezer. And a freezer! Cut the lemon/lime in half, squeeze all the juice and pour into the tray. Put into the feezer for several hours. And then when needed, either for cooking, baking, dyeing – or just plain drinking there it is, a portion of lemon juice in a lovely shape ready to use.

I came up with this simple idea when we were going away for a long time and I needed to empty cupboards. I am sure someone else had thought about this before as other things are often stored in this way; leftover wine or various herbs mixed with water are just two which come to my mind at the moment.

Please, check other’s post too, the links to other ladie in the group are in the right sidebar under the ‘merry go round’.



5 thoughts on “Merry-go-round

  1. This is one of those very handy ideas that I have never gotten around to, but as I have a bowl of limes that I should have used up last week, I think I’d better follow your advice and go do that right now!!! Thanks 🙂

  2. what a great idea!! I alwsy end up throwing half a bottle of lemonjuice way as we don´t use it that often…. only me but mr husband is always doing to cooking 🙂

  3. Such a great idea! The perfect way the limes growing on my balcony don’t go to waste before I can think of how to use them best. And the variations too.
    Thank you so much much for sharing this tip of yours!

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