eucalyptus no2

another type of eucalyptus leaves grown locally, now pre-soaking before printing. The leaves are narrower and longer – and the scent exotic.


6 thoughts on “eucalyptus no2

  1. aaah these are the ones I’ve always known! much stronger scent! It think you will get better prints with these ones. Im absolutely frustrated with the eco printing thing ahahaha I get maybe a few nice prints which promptly dissapear when I wash the fabric. booo 🙂

    • Hi Florcita. Just a quick thought….how long do you let your dried fabrics sit before you wash them? I normally let mine rest for about 3 weeks befor l throw them in a cold wash in the w/machine. my prints always stay. hope that might helpx lynda

      • Hey Lynda, thanks for the idea. I never wait that long. Usually I just let it dry and then a couple of days later I wash it. I always wash with cold water so that’ s not the problem…
        I’ll wait longer then! 🙂

    • It’s true, the car boot where the leaves are still sitting… is bursting with the scent. I wonder why printing doesn’t work for you, e-mail me what you do, maybe I will be able to help.

  2. Hi. I think l use this Ecu leaf over here in UK too. Are you soaking leaves in plain water, how long do you soak them for and do they print better after soaking? sorry for all the questions.x Also do you use the dyed water later?xx lynda

    • Yes, Lynda. Plain tap water this time, after so many rainy days here, next time it can be a rain water. How long? Until I find time to make a bundle, I guess it is roughly 5-7 days. Yes, they seem to print better, I remember India mentioning presoaking in her book – for any harder leaves and barks. Also Irit has recommended this to me. The water from the jar – I didn’t use the first time. I kept it though, after unbundling I put the used leaves back in it, I think there is still potential in them. I also put some used wallnut hulls in + piece of a rusty metal and now it is brewing. One day I will dye with it.

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