There is a less tidy corner in our garden – some outdoor children’s toys and some of my dyeing “inputs”, rusty metals, soaking leaves, short branches with moss, jars with iron and cooper water, shells with interesting parazites growing on them… When I glance in that direction I often think ‘young or old, we all have our toys and like to play’.

(prints from eucalyptus and cotinus leaves on silks)



14 thoughts on “playtime

  1. Lynda, I used cotinus leaves and although I have used them several times I am not quite sure why they turn once light purple, next time dark purple. What I know is that with iron the color becomes blueish.

    • thanks for to collect some cotinus leaves NOW and sort out some iron from my “found objects” collection. …I need a bigger flat!!! happy dyeing my friendxxlynda

  2. really cool Monika, and you know I have that ‘less’ tidy area too, and I look at things a different way because of it! 🙂 Def. going to give this a go. xo

  3. I like the… “there is less tidy corner…” just one? I can look around the garden and there is always a toy/tool/trampoline/dog… there is always a “less tidy corner” LOL I like how vibrant your colours are!

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