half expected result

(nunofelted top printed with plants)

This is a print from eucalyptus leaves I have found nearby. They have given a range of a golden-copper color, the lightest hue is a very soft yellow. I am pleased – and thankful. Considering the temperature here rarely rises above 18 C there is still a lot of pigment in this plant. And I already know two more ladies growing euca trees + noticed an olive tree in one of the gardens so the experiments can continue.


7 thoughts on “half expected result

  1. lol… just leave these aldies a note in their mailbox asking them if they every start pruning teh Trees they contact you 🙂 So you will be able to get another nice result like this!!

  2. Nice print. Even with your temperatures, you can broaden your colors. You can post -mordant a part of this print with iron water or bundle some with iron bits in it and it will change your print even more, and iron gives great color and patterns to eucalyptus. I make my iron water extract with old Railroad spikes, but you can use anything that will rust to create iron extract. The extract doesn’t have to be orange, just have the rust dissolved in it.
    Good luck with your next prints.

  3. I think that they turned out wonderfully! Why do you say ‘half expected result”?
    They’re much nicer than anything I’ve gotten so far!
    I’m seriously thinking about planting some eucalyptus….. our problem here is that it gets very hot in the summer, BUT can freeze in the winter. Not sure how the trees would fair with the extreme shifts in temperature.

  4. They are beautiful Monika – Julie, we have eucalyptus in the snow here…..how cold does it get where you are?

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