summer & blues

When I read this easy recipe on dyeing with idigo, writen by Jenny Dean on her blog I couldn’t wait any longer to try out this natural dye. Here are my first results, pieces of cotton, silk as well as merino and silk fibres in various hues depending on how long I left them in the dyebath and how many times I dipped them in.

The next blue on an originally white silk scarf comes from a very different source – pansies from our garden. The real color is even stronger blue more towards turqouise. It is ice-flower dyed, process invented and described by India Flint in her Eco Color book.

This is a small section of a large cotton-linen knit top printed with Cotinus leaves. It’s still curing –  I only dried and ironed it and will leave the pulli to rest for some time to let the pigments bond with the fabric even more. Again, it is an eco printing technique I have read about in the book mentioned above.

Blue is one of the rare colors found in nature. I am quite used to get eg. yellows and browns from plants but to watch how the blue develops once the fibres are out of indigo vat or how the hue deepens gradually in a pansy dyebath – not mentioning the defined prints from leaves – that’s xy times better than to watch a movie ^_^.


6 thoughts on “summer & blues

  1. how very beautiful! Love those blue leaf prints!
    I found a little envelope with indigo pigment in my nat dye box. Im still a chicken and haven’t dare to try it… I guess, like Jenny Dean once said to me… I should ” just get on with it” LOL
    Beautiful work Monika!

    (I still owe you an email. Im being extra lazy lately!)

  2. great results, I am also into dyeing lately… chemicla so far, but natural is waiting on my doorstep to experiment with too., hihihi
    Thanks for sharing, I also have Cotinus in my garden:)

  3. Cotinus is not on the list of my favourite shrubs, but I love the leaves prints! I definitely must try and find some Cotinus in our neighborhood! Thanks for all your inspiration!

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