mark making

These are the prints/marks I have been getting lately from the plants around. They are not defined, I would still call this just dyeing with plants rather than printing. I am very pleased though, abstract, organic patterns in often murky colors is something I have been always drawn to. They look a bit washed out on these pictures, in reality there is more pattern and colour on each piece.

buddleja print

cassia/cinnamon bark

rosebay & buddleja

leaves of  an (yet)  unknown shrub

 I will be taking a short brake from the internet. My shops will stay open, but all posting will be done after the August 15th.


4 thoughts on “mark making

  1. I love those “marks¨. The colour combination is exquisite! After being gone for a while, the garden has exploded here. More like a jungle now. I saw the buddleja us full of flowers today and thought…hmmm… must try! The elderberry tree is also full of berries so I might need to do something with that! First I should tackle the meters high tomato plants (mutants! LOL).

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