is here again. This month the question is whether we take a break/holidays from our crafts and if so what do we do?

 Yes I do. During the (many) schoold holidays I usually don’t felt and in this way I take holidays. I would like to have less holidays and more time to work ^_^.

No, I don’t – I would need to take holidays ‘from myself’ to really take a break. If there is not enough space or block of time big enough to felt and work on bigger projects, there is always time to dye, to mend, to sew, to knit a little, to read or sketch. I just choose some of this activities depending on the day and place I am. But I am sure you do the same!

I looked around the other day… 

there were dyeing pots,  filled or waiting to be filled

there was a small knitted scarf and some naturally dyed or printed silks

and a dyebath made from frozen pansies

and books (like this and this and, oh, this!) and a sketchbook…

…it was a fine day, a holiday

Have a lovely weekend and if you have a spare minute you are welcome to visit other ‘merry-go-girls’ to see how they do it. The links to their blogs are in the right sidebar under ‘merry go round’


7 thoughts on “merry-go-round

  1. I agree that having blocks of time to work on bigger projects is more difficult during the school holidays. I try and take a day to myself when my husband is off to prepare felt then I can potter away at various things in between housework, children and days out. There isn’t really a time in a crafters year for taking time off! We do go away as a family a couple of times a year but I find getting back into the creative ‘zone’ is hard, especially if I have tidied all my stuff away.
    Love to see your dying process Monika. It’s something I would love to get into : )

    • I, too, find it hard to get back to bigger work, especially after the summer holidays spent abroad; the contact with fibres is important for me, also some kind of a routine. A good size studio would also help…

  2. One of the many unsung ways in which these our crafty ventures are very, very different from a 9 to 5 job. Just as the being-a-mummy job, I guess.

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