the summer

is here. Not that the temperature has reached 20 C yet, but at the stroke of 12 the summer holidays starts. Time to clear the house from wool, felt, unfinished and finished pieces and pots with dyes and welcome visitors, change the daily routine and explore

Here is a glimpse of thigs made, some already given to lovely teachers our girls have had this year, some still waiting for the last touch or two. Enjoy your summer and stay safe wherever you go and whatever you do.


2 thoughts on “the summer

  1. how lucky the teachers getting presents. Around here it is not allowed … but anyway, I have a pot or two still to go but Im making up time now that I can still walk! ahahha
    Have a great vacation!
    (I owe you an email. Im preparing a little bash for Seba tomorrow. His bday)

  2. happy summertime Monika!! I made a small book with the kids for the teachers.. … I think the teachers cannot complain, these days 😉

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