merry go round

June has come and gone and here we are, at the end of another moth, half way through the year. As always on the last Friday a group of ladies from various corners of the world  ‘gets together’ to write a blog post on the same topic. This time there is no answering questions but showing a piece of work inspired by a fellow maker from a group. I have been assigned to make something based on images Mitsy aka Artmind posted at the end of May.

She has made my homework rather easy  – choosing photos depicting different textures: wet sand, mud and lichen. I like texture as much as she does – but which materials would be the best to translate surfaces from her pictures? I turned to my ever growing collection of samples for help (felting is very clutter friendly ^-^).

 And because I like exagarating and contrast I have decided to combine subtle texture of nuno felt – muslin felted on top of merino and wild – raw fleece from a local breed and make a regular size cushion. To darken the off white color slightly I dyed the finished piece with plants.

Made solely from natural fibres and with it’s organic look I would add a cushion like this as a touch of warmth & interest to a contemporary sofa eg. from BoConcept,  Natuzzi or Content by Conran. To shift a strict sleak look a little to a casual one. I have a cushion, now just that sofa ^-^.

Have a lovely weekend and if you have a spare minute you are welcome to visit other ‘merry-go-girls’ to see what they have made. The links to their blogs are in the right sidebar under ‘merry go round’.


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