taking off the coat

it’s that time of year for sheep to take off the coat and walk lightly. I was at the shearing on Friday, all Scottish Blackface sheep, big, with horns, black face and black and white markings on both legs, with a dence and coarse bulky fleece. Its origins is said to go back to the 12th century when monks used their wool for clothing and exporting to Europe. Nowdays the wool is used mainly for carpets.

fleece rolled into a bundle, ready to go into a big sack

I could watch sheep (and cattle) for ‘ever’; I love how they stand still, with a  head up and straight, staring at/through me. The epitomy of calmness and peace – as if they always have and will be here; as if they lived ‘outside the time’.


4 thoughts on “taking off the coat

  1. love that wool! THat second pic, I thought at first that you had made a huge pillow with it! LOL now I want one!
    Busy weekend. Hoping to rinse, photograph and post something about our dyeing project tomorrow!

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