the rug


all fibres laid


for metrode


8 thoughts on “the rug

  1. Oh, Monika—This is absolutely exquisite!!! I just LOVE it!
    What kind of locks did you use (which sheep)??
    I made a large rug last week with my middle daughter, and I think you’ll like that one when I post it, too. It came out nearly as WILD as yours! (Shorter-haired sheep, though…’meat sheep’.)

  2. oooh how very pretty! For this you wanted ” all I know about raw wool”? LOL I have a few ideas but I think you have managed very well aahahaha:)

  3. thank you very much to all of you!
    Heather, I have used many different types, scottish blackface, teeswater, wensleydale cross to name just a few. Waiting for your post ^-^

  4. Ah, it IS a rug!
    This is absolutely amazing Monika!! I am left speechless!! SO beautiful!!

  5. Gorgeous rug, I’m also working a lot with raw wool. Last week I made a rug with a friend of mine with wool from a Gotlandspelsau sheep, grey curls with long black wool. You can see the rug on my blog. Tinekr

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