It’s a merry-go-round

when every last Friday of a month a group of crafts women from around the world answers the same question from their own perspective.

This month it’s about a picture we find inspiring/interesting and why.

I have decided to stick with the first picture that crossed my mind which is:

Simple in color.

Simple in pattern.

Simple in design.

Yet, there is a bit of drama. The line narrowing and disappearing. Coming and going, no beginning. no end?

The line. Effortless line. Understated?

‘Full of life’ then weakening.


Curvy line;  just enough.

Organic edges.

Natural line.

Not white, not black, something in between. grey?

Texture; black seeping through the white.

s i m p l e    and     n a t u r a l .    simple, natural, grey, organic, subdued texture, line, a bit of drama.


Sorry for the poorer image quality, it is a photo of a cut out from newspapers, documenting a crack in a nearby bridge caused by unusually cold winter.

Please, check other’s photo/s too, the links to the ‘member’s of the group are in the right sidebar under the ‘merry go round’.


6 thoughts on “It’s a merry-go-round

  1. i absolutely love the picture and I see how you could draw inspiration from it.
    I think I didn’t quite understand the challenge. I had first chosen an abstract, inspiring pic like this one, having more “arts” in mind, and when I checked other’s pages they were anything but abstract but more personal… completely confused! LOL

    Love your pic and I see a scarf coming out with these colours and texture.

  2. I get immediate inspiration from your image, monika! It’s stunning in it’s simplicity. I love the uneven, assymetrical line. Very strong and artsy picture!

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