more grey

Together with Marian we chose alkanet roots for our second natural dyeing ‘session’. One pot and so many hues…

alkanet on vegetable fibres

  alkanet on cotton

 silk fibres
merino:mulberry silk, merino, raw washed fleece

In the last case, onion dyed merino and silk and brazilwood dyed merino in two shades were overdyed, pink shifting to brown, yellow changing to green.

Again, I have mordanted vegetable fibres in alum+ washing soda solution and then proteins (soy milk+ egg), all this done twice and then left the fibres in the proteins for about a week (until I had time to dye). I also mordanted two cotton fabrics only with proteins and it seems the dye take up was as good as when alum + soda were used. ALL the above fibres were dyed in one pot, quite amazing considering the variation and depth of color.

Comparing this grey to logwood, it is more towards green and teal, with pure merino more towards purple. Alkanet is a smelly dye and I irritating to my respiratory tract, it would be great to work with outdoors.

Literature: Jenny Dean, Wild Color and Colours from Nature; Gill Dalby, Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive; J. Hardman&S. Pinhey, Natural Dyes


3 thoughts on “more grey

  1. I got a nice color from alkanat after soaking the plant in alcohol….. more purple-ish.
    I like your results!

  2. Again different results… I got all grey, petroleum grey… type thing.
    My post will be coming up shortly!
    We need some bright colour next 🙂

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