is the second, third and fourth extract from the logwood dyepot

 2nd extract, merino wool and silk

2nd extract on silk fibres

3rd and 4th extract on merino and silk, lovely chalk powder grey

and other more or less succesful dyeing

tea on viscose and gorse on silk

stinging nettle, where I was hoping for lime green, the color I achieved 3 yrs ago, but the nettle must have been younger, picked earlier in the spring, here it is pale yellow

color from bracken, again, I was hoping for a deeper hue as I used only young curly fronds

instead of whole leaves. However, I like all these shades, I think they will look good when put together – with some grey. They are all very natural and make me to appreciate color in a new way. They reange from pale yellow to medium brown but in so many different hues. Also the logwood, from four dyepots and on various fibres, each color is unique: blue grey, lavender grey, muddy grey, pigeon grey, chalk/powder grey, charcoal – or just grey.

 I also did a quick dye test steaming lichens which are widespread here and was rewarded by lovely medium peach color.


6 thoughts on “here

  1. It’s interesting how you got more greys than anything. Im still getting purples. Granted… I only did ONE extraction…but I would guess that waters? source of materials?? have to have had an influence in results, right?

    Love the soft colours. THat is what i like about natural dyeing. How the tones are all combinable, all earthy and seem to go well together.

  2. Love this post and your experimentation. Sounds like it’s always a happy surprise what comes out of the natural dyepot. Your results, though not what you had expected, are lovely. So interesting Florcita’s remark, too. Thanks so much for sharing all of your results.


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