four seasons

 In the next few posts I hope to show you some of my work I made in March and April and documented it only now.

Silk Chiffon, Merino Wool, Viscose, Tencel, Bamboo, Silk Fibres


3 thoughts on “four seasons

  1. beautyfull Monica!! I still need to make a nuno dress for my youngest girl´s holy Communion But I just don´t know exactly where to start…. 🙂

  2. Great texture: I made my first nuno dress today: my back will need a few days rest! I will upload pictures in my blog when it is dry. I also have to remedy a few mistakes. I wanted to do too many things in one day: I learnt to dye yesterday and could not wait: had to do some shibori on felt wristwarmers ( in this weather: yeah!), dye silk ponge with Landcpae dyes and with onion skins,did the washing ( a huge load this time) and made the template for the dress and the dress itself: I’m knackered!

  3. that is so pretty! such a beautiful texture! I want a workshop with you! You should make sell-able tutorials LOL just what you want right now, uh?

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