i am learning

the craft of spinning and enjoying it very much. I have only ‘foggy’ plans on how to use the yarn I produce. I spin for the pleasure of the process.  As I sit behind the wheel, the whole body and a mind of a beginner engaged, it is good to be remininded of this again. Sometimes there doesn’t need to be specific aim or end product and we can/should allow ourselves to do something just because we enjoy the process.

one of my first beginners bobbins

Last Saturday I went to the open day of the local Highland Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and that’s where I had the first go at the wheel. I thank Fionna D. for patience while teaching me, untangling too many twists and letting me use her wheel. I was able to borrow a wheel from the group so now I have one at home to practice.


6 thoughts on “i am learning

  1. Isn’t it fantastic! I love spinning for the sake of spinning too!
    I save all the little pieces of roving left around when Im felting in a box. When I have enough, it becomes a multicoloured yarn!
    Last winter I spun enough yarn with the colours I wanted and the thickness I wanted for a scarf for me, and another one for Kim. It’s quite useful really! And you can use it in felting too!

    Welcome to the world of spinning LOL

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