It’s the “merry-go-round” time again  and this Friday the topic is “an artist whom I find inspiring or her/his work interesting.
I would like to mention two artists today, one from the past and one present.
The first is Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), a Russian painter.  To me his paintings are very dynamic becuase of the way he combined colors and also colors with shapes. I like abstract art and if I understand it correctly he was one of the first abstract painters. His colors are not always bright, but I find it inspiring how by combining them well one can achieve such freshness, boldness and elegance.

W. Kandinsky, Yellow-Red-Blue

W. Kandinsky

Let’s move now into our century. Meet Lotta Jansdotter , a Scandinavian designer. For me less is definitely more. I love simple minimal and clean style of her designs. Although I admire craftmanship when I see e.g. richly embroidered artwork, something in me gets really excited when I see less. My eyes wander, my mind wanders…, it’s like unfinshed story left to me to be finished – and anyone else can too.

Lotta Jansdotter's bag

Lotta Jansdotter’s design
 Although the works of these two artists are (very) different, yet there is something in them which resonates with my own aesthetics very much.  With Kandinsky it is the color, with Lotta it is the simplicity. I have noticed that when I think of my own designs I either think in color, keeping the surface plain, or texture/strucure keeping the color plain.
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10 thoughts on “merry-go-round

  1. I aaaaaabsolutely love Kandinsky. so much colour. I used to have a poster of the “squares with concentric rings” painting (the first one up there). And I could stare at it for hours!
    I like simple too but it never comes out simple when I create. When I try to make simple somehow it just doesnt feel completely right to me… personalities I guess!

  2. It’s nice to see how you are inspired by elements of two different artists! And how simple designs inspire you to ‘finish the story’. What a great way to look at art and design.

  3. Good to read in your words what I instinctively feel that’s right or wrong with my felting. Thank you for giving me this leading thread, so that I won’t have to err anymore!

  4. Two great choices. Love Kandinsky and have Lotta’s books too. I too love the simplicity and less is more style. Nice to hear how they inspire your work.

  5. Love your Kandinsky brooches, Monika and it’s great to see such a great artist being a source of inspiration for you! I love Lotta Jansdotter’s work too – the simplicity of her designs are so pure and honest that I believe one can only love ’em…
    I think your work balances both sources of inspiration and that’s why I love it! 🙂

  6. great choices! i’ve been a fan of kandinsky’s since my art history days in college, and love lotta’s work – both are very inspiring!

  7. What a really interesting post Monika! Had not seen Lotta Jansdotter’s work before but I am a big fan now. Thanks. Well done on your cuffs being published. How exciting!

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