2 x D

was a busy one. Which is not unusual. Unusual were two things.

Dress. I spent my working hours felting  ‘from rugs to richies’ dress, the first time I covered not ontly the top part but the whole area of the dress. At times it seemed a bigger project than I can logistically handle since I don’t have a studio and occupy either kitchen or the floor of the living room so I try to fit my felting in those hours when everyone else is out of the house…. At the start I wanted to reuse different set of fabrics but did not have enough, however my evergrowing stash had something else to offer, a wide cotton voile tunic and other bits and pieces. As I was trying to find some pleasing way of arranging fabrics and fibres I was not sure if the project is worth the effort.  I decided to finish what I started though, sometimes one can abondon a path only after walking on it a little further. I like the finished dress (pictures to follow) and might freely continue this series in the future but for now I would like not to be restricted by the lengh/color/patterns of fabrics I have and go back to what had been drawing my attention before I was asked to make the orange  ‘patchwork’ top. Note to myself: don’t buy if you don’t need it right now (but how will I resist those silk scarves in  charity shops? I don’t know). I have noticed I too often think along the line ‘I should make this and this so that I reduce my stash…’, but that might not be what I really wanted to explore…

Another unusual thing was meeting Doda from Doda’s Creative Wanderings. She lives few miles away, but we have first met on-line good few years ago. And although we had planned on meeting each other long time ago it only worked out last Friday. Doda is a children’s poet and illustrator and a busy mum of three.  I could see in person the pieces of furniture and the rooms in the house she has breathed a new life into. Hat off to her, I still remember how I struggled when decorating some walls in our house.

She also does polymere clay and paper craft and shares tips on her blog on remaking/reusing/recycling. I especially like her tip on reusing milk bottle lids and have started collecting them too for one specific felting project I have in mind.


2 thoughts on “2 x D

  1. I agree, it’s too easy to accumulate so much beautiful stuff that you then ‘ought’ to use. Whenever I get to a show or events with traders I buy far too much because I’m thinking its the only chance I’ll get to see the colours, etc. But then it is useful to be able to ‘shop at home’ when you have an idea and time to carry it out. I don’t know what the answer is!

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