From Rugs to Richies

I was patchworking again, reusing remnants of silks I have accumulated over the past months.

This first top is made of silk scarves into which I felted merino dyed with madder. Technically, it is reversible as there are no seams, but I think it is much more interesting from the fabric side. As it is going to be worn as a top, not so much as a tunic, I used minimum wool to join the pieces.

nunofelted silk and merino top

crinkled fabric, pulled by shrinked wool underneath

When I finish nunofelt I enjoy watching all the different textures created by the shrunk wool. No two spots are the same, even though most of the silk I used is silk ponge 5. But because here is a bit more and there is a bit less wool used, also depending on the direction it was laid, the texture varies.

This second top is made from a never worn silk chiffon dress. I had enough material as the skirt was made from two layers. I don’t usually go for florals, but there is something striking in the colors of the original fabric. The fabric pieces are again backed with a minimum of merino wool.

I call this series ‘From Rugs to Richies’, because almost all fabrics I use is recycled. They get a new life when joined with wool; many of them are too fragile to be put together by any other technique than felting.


12 thoughts on “From Rugs to Richies

  1. wow Monika, Just stunning!! well done… The flower top is really hip these days!! I saw shoes with a flowerprint today.
    I still need to get started with the dress for Janna’s holy communion and I want to nunofelt that one too…. but a combination of fabric and nunofelt at the bottom…

  2. Admiro profundamente su trabajo, y siempre quedo con ganas de aprender mas y mas. Solo decirle que crea verdaderas bellezas a travez de la experimentacion y que me encanta recibir sus novedades. Un cariño

  3. Monika, your tops are fantastic!!!! I especially love the one made from the scarves…Love those colors! I’d really like to try one as I have an accumulation of scarves and hadn’t thought to combine them like that, but it’s beautiful!!!! Do you know about how much shrinkage you ended up with?

  4. Thank you very much to all of you!
    Kim, it will be lovely, nuno clothes are so cozy!
    Marian, yes, I can’t wait for the spring – but it is still a long way to go…
    Lucie, I found it in a charity shop. It still had a little plastic bag with a spare button attached to it.
    Heather, I know you love anything orange :)!
    Dawn, thank you, the shrinkage is almost 50 %, but it depends on how much wool I use. The best way would be to make a scarf first and see what the shrinkage is with the amount of wool you usually use. By nature I tend to make very fine layers, almost too fine.
    Nirma, thank you very much, I understood some of it :).

  5. I love the orange one made of scarves….the texture is exquisite and the hemline is lovely…you make the scarves first? and then put them together…is that correct? what a designer!!

  6. Monika, there are incredible! So original and a great way to recycle. Love all the textures you manage to get in there. Just lovely!

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