It’s the “merry-go-round” time again when a group of crafts women from around the world answer the same question from their own perspective. And this month we were joined by three new ladies: Bethany from Dirksen Dabbles, Jen from Painted Fish Studio and Samantha  from Vintage is for lovers.
This Friday the topic is “What are your top 5 favorite tools that you use in your art/craft?” At the moment I do mostly felting and there are so few tools I use that it’s hard to list the top five, all what I use can be probably counted on fingers of one hand. Here they are, I have taken pictures of them in-situ:


Funny as it may sound, but I am quite attached to my towels. I have got about 7 of them in various sizes and each is used for a different purpose. Several to dry my hands in between laying and wetting fibres. They are the ones which absorb water the best. Then one or two go on the floor when the water starts dripping from the worktop. And then a big one which I use to press out as much water as possible after an item has been rinsed.

milk bottle

Here is my humble milk bottle. I punched holes in the lid so I can use it to wet the fibres as if it was a watering can. I replace bottles now and then, but still use the first lid I punched about 3 years ago when I started felting. Another attachment.

bubble wrap

Ordinary bubble wrap I buy in rolls on e-bay or recycle the one from a fruit/veggies part of a supermarket. I use it to roll the fibres to enhance felting. Since most of the time I make thin felt, I don’t use a bamboo mat to roll. I use the wrap as a resist too – to prevent two flat sheets of felt from felting together. I also like to use the bubble wrap which is smooth on both sides with bubbles inside. It means that I don’t create an imprint of bubbles on felt, which sometimes happens with the ordinary bubble wrap.

sketchbook and calculator

I love my sketchbook. You wouldn’t find any fancy sketches in there, just lots of notes on what I did, how much of the fibres/dyes I used, how much samples/finished pieces shrunk, ideas, cut outs from magazines and an occassional note about how I feel/what I have been thinking about. And the calculator! For me, one of the most excitting things especially in making felted clothes is, to get the fit right. I like clothes which become part of my body, not that I have to restrain myself to fit clothes. As with sewing, a perfect pattern is the way to get a perfect fit. I sample, calculate, adjust and sample again and calculate to get that pattern right… and with a calculator it goes much faster.
And my still healthy hands (and eyes) for which I am very very thankful!
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11 thoughts on “merry-go-round

  1. I so wish I would love to write down what and how I do it…
    I make and then a few months later someone asks me the same thing and then I have to think and try really hard to remember what tool, measure of technique I used to make it.
    I think you just inspired me to use my notebook a bit more… Thank you, Monika! 🙂

  2. Wonderful tools…and the biggest surprise for me is the calculator! I didn’t know you could calculate for fit in felting, just like sewing! Hands and eyes, we should all be thankful to have them in working order 🙂

    • Esther, you need to click on the title of the post, to see the post only, then if you scroll down, you will find all the buttons at the bottom of the post.

  3. i, too, use my sketchbook more for notes and numbers than drawing… there are times when i’ll need to repeat something i’ve already made and i’m pleasantly surprised when i find that i took notes the first time, making the second time so much easier!

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