Thank you very much for all your nice comments on the vest. The story didn’t finish with the post. As it was time to start wearing the vest, my little fan grew uncertain as it was neither pink, nor sparkly and, alas, smelled a little bit after sheep. Gentle talk about handmade, unique and above all very warm didn’t seem to reach her ears, untill…


Last weekend we went down to Edinburgh. Heavy rain soon turned into sleet and eventually snow in the Central Scotland. We were going to take the girls to the Deep Sea World but at times it felt as if we were already there. I kept myself awake by observing various water patterns and formations around me and thinking of the names of the colors I saw around; how many greys can there be?

When we came back home the house was cold as a freezer – and that’s when my moment came. Pink or not the warmth of the cozy wool swiftly changed the mind of the five year old. Once again I am not only the best mummy ‘she has ever had’, but also the ‘best felter’ making the ‘bestest things’ and ‘always right’ as her older sister once said, ‘sadly’ adding… 🙂


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