the finished vest is drying, a little shop talk. In my Soft Fibre shop there are some new fibres listed, mainly raw fleeces from Wensleydale, Gotland and Scottish Blackface sheep. They are all washed. If anyone from EU would like unwashed, I will be happy to make a special listing, but due to some custom regulations I can not post unwashed fleece anywhere else but EU.

1,4,6 – wensleydale fleece, 2 – wensleydale crossed with shetland, 3 – scottish blackface, 5 – gotland (coming soon)

Thank you very much for your comments on my recent posts! I will post a picture of the mini vest later; mmm, today she was not sure if it doesn’t look “too lamb-ish” :)!


2 thoughts on “while

  1. Hi Monika,
    my little girl is feeling fine now 🙂 Once I have finished painting her room, and the carpet is down, and the house is less chaotic, and then there is the february holiday, then we shall get together, yes? So howabout the week after the february school break?

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